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Affiliate Sales Commissions Payment Package​

Published / by haskellgs
  • AFFILIATE INCENTIVES- Affiliates earn a 10% cut on gross sales amount. i.e. $2,000 Gross Sale would result in a $200 Commission for the Affiliate. Note: Commissions are subject to change.
  • All Affiliates must be registered with the Affiliates Sales Office at www.tickercomaffiliates.com and all sales go through the Affiliate Sales Manager- Contact Greg Haskell 949-742-0152.
  • Support for our Affiliates is available. This can be a lucrative primary, secondary, or 3rd stream of income depending on the affiliates independent personal business Model.
  • Affiliates will be paid via automatic deposit (will need to register bank account number and routing number). All sales are pending for 30 days from the day of shipping before commission payout. Affiliates get paid on the 1st of each month for their sales after 30 days have passed from shipping date. i.e. Sale occurs on Jan 15th and the sale clears February 15th, the commission is deposited on the 1st of March. Tickercom Customers can pay the balance up front, or half up front and the rest of the balance on the day of shipping. No shipping until paid in full.